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Under The Mango Tree by Studio Nishita Kamdar

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

“What is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare”

Courtesy: Studio Nishita Kamdar

The sprawling farmhouse provides the owners and his family exactly the pause they require from

their fast paced lives in the city.

The brief was simple - He needed the life he couldn’t afford in the city : close to nature,

animals, farming, cool breeze etc.

Courtesy: Studio Nishita Kamdar

The house is designed keeping in mind the simple concept of connectivity with the nature. to do

so we decided to do away with any kind of obstructive walls and replace them with large glass

and metal doors, which can be opened completely to expose the occupant to the outside.

even with the large metal doors shut one is visually engaged with the outside.

Courtesy: Studio Nishita Kamdar

The roof is a stunning continuous teak wood and steel structure, which adds great warmth to the

space. The roof being 15 ft high provides excellent volume to the space

The flooring is again a continuous large plinth clad with a rough finished black granite with inlays

in different areas. Spatially there is living room with a dining and kitchen area, and a verandah that separates the two bedrooms from the living space.the primary focus of the house is the large agricultural land towards the north side of the house, hence the entire house faces that way. Due to a 4 sided glass facade, one can enter the house from all sides, thus there isn’t a back and a front to the house.

Courtesy: Studio Nishita Kamdar

The bedrooms are left simple to bare minimum furniture all made in teak wood. The master

bedroom has a sprawling 15 ft high glass facade overlooking the farm as one sits on the bed.

The teak wood roof and granite flooring run here as well. The kids bedroom has a beautifully crafted 4 poster bed sitting amidst antique wooden cabinets and an L shape window. the linearity of the spaces make the house visible from one end to the other as well. Other than a variety of fruit bearing trees, some lovely floral and fragrant plants are planted close to the verandah area.

Project Details:

Project Name: Under The Mango Tree

Location: Karjat

Size: 5500 sq ft

Firm: Studio Nishita Kamdar

Principal Architect: Nishita Kamdar

Year: Feb 2017

Photography: PHX india





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