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Opulent Interiors for this Tiny Office Help Create a Multifunctional Workspace in Mumbai

A space that reflects the client’s personality yet depicts extravagance and elegance at the same time. The requirement of the office had not much. It wasn’t a heavy functional office. So keeping that in mind designers combined it all to making it a positive, informal, luxurious, spacious, multifunctional work space yet a minimal office.

Designers included a tiny workstation area, an informal open conference, a spacious reception & waiting area, a tiny pantry & bathroom, 2 director cabin. All having different highlight elements be in a monochrome storage or an travertine arch or a fluted panel wall.

Project: Moonlight Steel Office

Location: Mumbai

Design House: The Palette

Principal Designers: Kinjal Bafna Sanghvi

Photography: Devaki Photography


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