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Bands of Stone Unfold into Artwork-Like Furniture Pieces for this Showroom in Pune

Parrees by PMA Madhushala

A one-of-a-kind stone showroom in Pune that re-defines the conventional retail-experience.

From generations, stone has played a very important role in the architecture and building industry with limited use and closely pertaining to economic status and social life. Industrialization era has opened up various options in building materials that are modular, refinished and durable products similar to natural materials without any drawbacks. But the natural material still adds to characteristics of some people suitable to today’s context.

Picture Courtesy: PMA Madhushala

Primary requirement of this showroom was to exhibit the variety of stone in its entirety, by making effective use of the available area while also educating people about the different uses of stones in various part of design.

Picture Courtesy: PMA Madhushala

To exhibit maximum stone, The floor is divided in 12 equal parts of approximate 2 feet size which is the most common available size of Indian stone. Each band fixed wit a unique stone starting with sand, lime, granite and ending with black colour with variations in between.

Picture Courtesy: PMA Madhushala

During planning every band has been fixed for various purposes and designed as per required functions with appropriate detailing. These bands unfold into a variety of furniture pieces like tables, seats ,partitions and display units to give a collective sense of aesthetics with spaces like entrance lobby, av pavilion, cabin, display galleries & interaction zones.

Picture Courtesy: PMA Madhushala

"Ideologically we intended to keep the stones visual appearance lighter like origami which coined the term 'Stonogami'." - PMA Madhushala

Project: Parrees

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Design House: PMA Madhushala

Lead Architect: Prasanna Morey

Photography: Hemant Patil




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