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Coral Orange-Peach Backdrop Illuminates this Studio in Ahmedabad

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Reflections & Ombre by Intrinsic Designs

A unique project that comprised of a client brief that demanded flexibility in design to accommodate a studio for Hair stylist, Makeup artist and Jewelry designer.

To give sense of unity, each element is kept minimal and incorporates a spacious work-space that is totally unique, blending feminine sensibility with cutting edge design that reflects its owners.

With limitation in size of space, we used materials and texture that delivers a capacious studio. Upon entering, a reception desk sits to the right and just behind it a large mirror is paneled. A mirror is a great way to cover a lonely wall, which also breams in refection of entire space. We wanted to include mirror as one of the integral elements focused strongly on spatial potential of combing it in certain angles.

Picture courtesy: Intrinsic Designs

One of the stars is the Coral Orange-Peach Ombre wall right in the Hairstylist section, which boasts a moody hue that’s fairly different from the rest of the studio. Circular mirror rest in same wall and long pendent lights hanging above the chairs emits spotlight glow. This area was only a small snippet of the studio, therefore we were able to take more risks—and because of the open floor plan, having different color schemes for each compartment was key to dividing the areas from another.

Picture courtesy: Intrinsic Designs

Further we divided the space with minimal metal bar structure; this core sits centrally to softly divide the service zones, stirring curiosity with light. Another reason to keep the sectioning minimal was to use large mirror that sits opposite a window, reflects natural light all through a studio and gives it a warmer, more welcoming appeal.

We wanted to give client an environment that really spoke to the art of makeup and the service of getting a makeover, therefore we used white-washed walls and front-lit mirror to layer the space with a sense of glamour. Also adding a small workstation within that section for artist to freely design.

Picture courtesy: Intrinsic Designs

A triangular vertical panel covers a super cozy changing room. The space itself holds four different moods within. Using yellow curtains to not isolate the space, large mirrors aesthetic to stick with the broadness and floral wallpaper wall to have an artistic backdrop. With all that, giving every artist in the studio a photo-centric space.

An important consideration for the young jewellery designer was to have an identity rooted in the place that could be felt by the visitors, to celebrate new materials and design in a very reserved way. Display units line was chosen in order to allow transparency, light and visual connection, as well as to echo the designs. That's why we kept the space enclosed from the rest. Although it is kept private, we used a frosted glass door to penetrate the natural light within it.

Picture courtesy: Intrinsic Designs

We kept the neutral backdrop for the brightly coloured furniture features, that lets the eye travel from object to object undistracted, offers, "Escape to Beautiful". An airy space that visitors can browse various portfolios. A studio constructing the identity of the space whilst addressing very important and distinct issues of comfort and ergonomics.

Project: Reflections & Ombre Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat Firm: Intrinsic Designs

Instagram: Architects: Shivraj Patel & Shruti Malani Lighting: Nirvana | Hatsu Photography: Ishita Sitwala (The Fishy Project)

Instagram: Written by: Saloni Patel




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