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Regional & Contemporary Elements Harmoniously Blends for Club Mahindra Resort in Kerala

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Club Mahindra Ashtamudi by Earthworks

Club Mahindra's new waterfront resort is aligned on the banks of the Lake Ashtamudi, in Kollam District.

The beautiful natural setting, beautiful and well-maintained property make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kerala. The architectural language of the property reinterprets the vernacular architecture in modern ways. The resort

has a public area, guest accommodation, and a service area.

Designers took the client’s brief ahead to establish a strong connection with regional designs within a contemporary framework in order to style the public spaces of the resort. The challenge was to harmoniously blend the quaint Kerala design elements with grace and aesthetics. To achieve it, we studied vernacular architecture, history, art, culture, language, food, etc.

Kerala kitchens are always adorned with brass utensils and taking the inspiration we decided to keep the minimalistic look and feel of the same with customized pans and brass containers. It shows a harmonious balance of functionality and simplicity.

The axis of the corridor is added with the rhythmic placement of wall lights. The wall light design is inspired by the banana leaf. The handmade motif made out of the copper sheet with a rustic finish looks most interesting in the evenings when the LED candles glow to reflect mellow light. Instead of traditional painting based on one theme, different elements of traditional mural paintings were composed. Working with local artists gave an authentic touch to it.

The spaces like fine dining, courtyards, corridors, reception area, toilets all are styled keeping in mind the defined Indian accent to the décor. The material palette decided for customized artifacts and installation was brass, copper, and wood.

Project: Club Mahindra's Resort in Ashtamudi

Location: Kollam District, Kerala

Interior Styling: Earthworks, Pune

Photography: Suneesh Suresh


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