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Mumbai Based Startup Carbon Craft Design Launches its Second Architectural Intervention

Reverse Chimney Pavilion by Carbon Craft Design

After Carbon Tile, world's first tile made from air pollution, Mumbai based startup Carbon Craft Design launches its second architectural intervention, Reverse Chimney Pavilion.

Carbon Craft Design, a Mumbai based startup, had developed Carbon Tile - a first of its kind to be made using carbon emissions - that aims to offset the world's carbon emissions at scale through conventional building elements.

Carbon Tile is one of the architectural interventions that the company has developed which is commercially launched in January 2020. It is a byproduct of the series of material experimentation and design explorations.

"We wanted to first let the idea of using carbon emissions as a resource sink in the market through Carbon Tile which is now gaining popularity. We are now excited to introduce our first architectural intervention that is a pavilion which was started to develop a Clean Air Experience Centre for public/ local communities to have better outdoor experience." - Carbon Craft Design

Humanity has reached greater capabilities today especially the post-industrial revolution which encouraged the migration of diverse people to prospering cities. All this migration and industrial growth resulted in inevitable Air Pollution. In a world that has become more connected and accessible than ever before, we aim to make a statement that Climate Change can be reversed if we solve this problem together as a community of diverse people.

"When we google air pollution, the first thing we see is chimney - which is the symbol of air pollution. We imagined a chimney which does not give out air pollutants but rather takes it in and reverses the process. And the transformation of this idea is what we call the Reverse Chimney Pavilion." - Carbon Craft Design

The design of this pavilion was desired to be efficient in capturing wind and structurally solid. The designers looked out for inspiration from nature and architecture. As a result, they mimicked the traditional wind catchers of the

ancient architecture and the structural stability of the clamshells. "In Nature, there is no concept of waste. There is only a transformation of resources from one form to another. This led us to develop a unique building material that is made using carbon emissions as a raw material. This would help us build a carbon-negative pavilion to be proof of this new intervention for future innovations in the construction domain. We fused the traditional cement tile making technique with the captured carbon emissions to handcraft various inspiring patterns." explained the designers at Carbon Craft Design.

The startup is able to generate local employment and empowerment by making Carbon Tiles. Using their existing skill and knowledge, Carbon Crat could employ them to execute a pavilion of this size to help them raise multiple sources of income.

Carbon Craft Design has its focus on producing social and environmental impact. Environmental impact is created primarily through local craftsmen and communities rather than being heavily dependent on technology.

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