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An Electronic Shopping Complex that Aims at Delivering an Exotic Retail Experience

Updated: May 16, 2020

Sanket India by Dipen Gada Associates

More than a job, this project of an electronic showroom was conceived as a responsibility to give the best outcome to the retail and commercial realm.

The client approached Dipen Gada & Associates with the aspiration of an electronic shopping complex as a part of their existing complex which comprised of 4 other showrooms and 36 offices in a plot size of 1,25,325 sq.ft. This was to be a one-stop solution for any household electronic appliance.

Picture courtesy: Dipen Gada & Associates

During its design process, designers at DGA realized that the huge scale of the project would inevitably result in mass consumption of resources. This it was necessary to create a balance by designing for the environment. The site's offerings were in favor and its front portion adjacent to main road faces north-east direction and the back is facing south-west. The climate of the region is hot and dry so DGA decided to block the south sun completely while moving from east to west.

Picture courtesy: Dipen Gada & Associates

Hierarchy of the space is done in a way that the building is divided vertically into two parts, ground floor display area which is a double height space overlooked by the first floor head cabins, conference, exclusive product display etc. whereas the second and third floor houses admin, accounts, canteen area, etc. If you see the plan of the building you will come across 14" thk. angular walls facing the east and completely blocking south-east sun penetrations in the display area. The south is completely dead, and south-west comprise of cavity walls housing all the services and providing insulation to the internal areas.

Picture courtesy: Dipen Gada & Associates

Terrace gardens at second floor acting as a spill over space for second floor cabins and overlooked by third floor are actually reducing heat penetration through roofs and keeps the areas cool underneath. Terrace floor houses solar panels which generates energy resources for the building. Solar control glass giving higher light transmission are used for the glazing on second and third floor. The building opens towards the north, array of slant east facing walls houses large double height openings on north bringing adequate light in the display area. Double height entrance foyer offers grandeur leading to the display area. Continuing the same linearity in the internal space the ground floor is kept partition free and so the openness is felt.

Picture courtesy: Dipen Gada & Associates

For such scale of project always a major constraint is budget, to control the overall cost of the interiors designer at DGA went for an industrial theme where we kept the walls bare (left plaster finish), ceiling is kept bare housing open conduit wiring, flooring of 8'-0" x 4'-0" full body mate finish grey tiles merging with wall and ceiling surface. The grey is playing harmoniously supporting the further addition of vibrancy of colors. The magnitude of the volumetric space is well utilized with the composition of the display of the electronic appliances. Vertically linear slant walls is used for the TV display, south blocking wall has a big size led screen and the central axis has all standalone loose furniture displaying small size gadgets. North end of the ground floor has a live kitchen area used for the demonstration of kitchen appliances.

All modular furniture are designed in a way that they support multiple display of different products supporting the innovations of electronics. Installation of acoustic panel in the center of the ceiling has a play of textual graphics which make the space interactive. Graphics plays a vital role in overall enhancement of the areas with minimum cost.

Picture courtesy: Dipen Gada & Associates

Design theory for the first floor cabins is minimalism which is achieved by modern design of clean neat lines. Overall the project is executed with all our heart to treat the realm with an exotic feeling of electronic shopping complex.

Project: Sanket India Location: Anand, Gujarat, India Firm: Dipen Gada and Associates

Facebook: Design Team: Arpit Jain, Ishank Patel, Aditi Patel, Krimmy Patel, Prashant Gurjar, Prakash Prajapati, Vishal Jani Photography: Tejas Shah




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