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Shipping Container Turned into a Vacation Home with a Boat Shaped Roof and Coconut Palm Leaves

CO!Home by Walls N Voids Atelier

CO!Home is a Cozy vacation home primarily built using a 20’X 8’ COntainer.

The client's design brief was to create a micro-residence comfortable enough for a maximum of 2 people. The design idea was to create a tiny home big on comfort and poise. Inside the container, Walls & Voids has created a bed space, a study area, a small kitchenette, and a toilet along with a large semi-open outdoor space with solar panels that power the container.

Other than the enclosed spaces provided by the container designers have incorporated a 150 sqft outdoor space in the front, which is a semi-open yoga area. It is covered by 3 solar panels on top, which powers the entire home. Towards the south, we have provided bamboo curtains. Both these elements restrict the sunlight from clinging to the living space.

An important element of the CO!Home is a boat-shaped roof made of coconut palm leaves. This aids in reducing heat and provides a rustic aesthetic for the built form. The entire container is insulated with rock wool and we have used terracotta tiles for the flooring. The color scheme used for the project is mainly teal for the container, along with the natural colors of the exposed brick and the grey color of palm leaf roofing.

Project: CO!Home

Location: Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur

Design House: Walls N Voids Atelier

Principal Architects: Kiran Cherakulam & Amal Sudharman

Design Team: Atif Ali

Photography: Amal Sudharman & Parthan

Drone Image: Yugin Michea


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