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State of the Art by Lucid Design

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Lucid is a design company that creates brands, products, websites, apps, graphics, environments, packaging and films.

Founded in 2006 by Amit Mirchandani and located in Bangalore, Lucid brings together a team of talented, award-winning designers with diverse backgrounds.

Lucid helps brands succeed by using form, type, color & materials to weave together a singular and unique story. Lucid believes in doing things differently, in being sustainable and in changing the way people live.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

Kit Bike by Lucid Design

Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

What if there was a bike that was so small, it fit into a bag you could carry as a backpack?

What if when you assembled the bike, you got a full-size bike that was comfortable to ride?

What if the bike could be simple, minimal and cool, unlike folding bikes that tend to be complex in their engineering and construction?

Courtesy: Lucid Design

The Kit Bike was designed to do all these things and make problems of shipping and traveling with a bike, a thing of the past.Imagine the possibilities.The Kit Bike consists of simple twist joints that lock with aluminium hollow tubes using a specially designed key. The entire bike can be assembled or dismantled from one side making the process extremely simple and quick.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

When not in use, the bike can be stowed in a stylish leather bag that is divided into 3 sections to store the 2 wheels on either side and the components in between. It can be carried as a backpack.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

Kit Bike - It’s a bike in a bag.

LifeHub: The end of gadget clutter

Say goodbye to eight space and resource consuming devices that have to be individually purchased, used, managed, and cared for. Say goodbye to syncing, wires, chargers and misplacing important things. Say hello to LifeHub by Lucid Design.

LifeHub is a Smartphone:

You can bend the bracelet into a candy bar where the simplest of interfaces, built with clear icons and bold colors, gives you all the functionality you expect from a smartphone. You can make and take calls. You can also make video calls by bending just the bottom half of the device and setting it on a surface. Your apps, contacts, messages, email, games, media, and feeds greet you in high definition and with stereo sound.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Watch:

You wear it on your wrist. Memory polymer and a bendable O-led screen create a stylish and secure bracelet that lets you tell the time, read important messages, see the weather and listen to your music.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Headset:

Two discreet Bluetooth earpieces with microphones are secured in the device and have to be snapped off to use as a headset. While snapped in, they function as an earpiece + microphone or external stereo speakers when activated.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Key:

A password protected programmable key pops out the side of the device. Physical locks enabled with LifeHub access, can be locked or unlocked. The key also acts as a data transfer device.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Wallet:

Credit card and debit card data from several cards can be stored on the device with password protection, and used as desired by instantly programming the key when making a purchase or withdrawing money.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Speaker:

Docking the device into the base opens a host of additional features such as portable audio speakers with rich bass. The device is also automatically backed up when docked.

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Projector:

Motion controlled in both flat and tilted positions, all your videos can be projected on an open wall or ceiling. You can also use it to make a presentation at work, or have an extremely large video call!

Courtesy: Lucid Design

LifeHub is a Companion:

On your bedside or on your desk, LifeHub is recharged on a charging pad (featuring the only wire it’ll need to draw power from the mains). It can be your alarm clock, notepad, game center, message panel and weather station. It can even play you Internet radio.

Firm Details:

Design: Lucid Design India Pvt. Ltd.

Design Direction & Product Design: Amit Mirchandani

Product Design: Nithin Anthony

Model: Lock Weng Po

Design Direction: Amit Mirchandani

Design: Anurag Sarda

Logo Design: Varun Panesar

Video: Lucid + Siddharth Bhavnani



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