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Step Inside this Experiential Showroom in Chandrapur Built Especially For The Design Savvy

The objective was to create a unique experience center for sanitary & faucets display, emphasizing the role and design statement they make in modern interiors. They were displayed not as a mere necessity but as art.

The studio entrance welcomes you with a humble reception on the ground floor opening into a wide opulent reception area and display. The wall art showing different color ranges of faucets marks the highlight. To create the desired ambiance multicolor shades for walls and cement grey colored tiles are used for floors. The ceiling was painted dark blue.

Light plays a major role throughout the showroom for focusing on the products to enhance the depth. A visitor is driven through space towards the variety of products creating a sense of being in a museum with sanitary highlighted.

Project: S.G. Traders

Location: Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Design House: Nest Architects

Principal Designers: Ar. Nikita Tahilyani, Ar. Vikram Singhania




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