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Studio Bipolar Designs a Bright, Luxurious and Modern Paradise in Gurugram

Comfy-Chic Home by Studio Bipolar

How would you want your dream home to look like? Maybe something bright or minimalist? A comfy-chic home is a dream come true for every young couple, a place where luxury and comfort go together.

Adorning a mix and match of unique elements, a dream home can be stylish with a design that is modern, elegant, and beautiful. Here is a home drizzled with minimalistic, modern, and eclectic finishes. The versatile color palette consisting of blues, beige, and browns is a visual delight. In addition, hints of gold and earthy tones add character and drama. It is a dream home curated for the client keeping in mind personal preferences.

The mini-bricked walls glow orange against the beige L-shaped sofa creating an airy and serene aura and adding much-needed character to the neutral space. The muted rug contrasts well with the all-black tables and adds a casual feel, lending the space a textural and catchy outlook.

Facing the tea lounge is a contemporary lounging space that is refreshed with textiles and a brick statement wall. The dreamy-blue couch creates a contemporary feel and a trendy wall defines this space. Exposed brickwork adds both color and texture to the modern interior. Keeping the mood light and breezy, the whole ensemble elevates the style quotient of the space. The framed artwork tricks the visitor’s eye into conformity, and the modern accent chairs stand out as well.

Storage is always a concern in modern apartments and therefore it is necessary to ensure every inch of space is utilized optimally. The hallway connects the living space with the kids’ bedroom. It comes with storage cabinets that emanate the gold touch with warm wood floating built-in shelves to bring in minimalism yet functionality in the hallway.

At the end of the hallway, the little one at home has a very stylish bedroom to call his own. Bathing in natural light, the kid’s room gets ample light to illuminate the room so they can go about their daily activities. The neutral blinds create a feeling of spaciousness. The use of dual tones of white and pastel blue lends a refreshing vibe. A marker board in the shape of a house adds a little drama and is fixated against the wall.

Project: Comfy-Chic Home

Location: Gurugram, India

Design House: Studio Bipolar

Photography: Anmol Wahi





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