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Studio Integrate Uses Minimalistic Design Concepts for the Functional Revamp of this House

Darda Residence by Studio Integrate

A comfortable and inviting home that leaves its users in awe every time.

Carefully crafted with a touch of modernity, this minimalistic home is all about creating spaces that are functional yet high on design while keeping them spacious, open, and interesting. The house features a subtle palette of materials that are brightened up by colorful soft furnishings that add warmth to its spaces.

The opposite side of the bed was used as a TV cabinet and study table. Heightened curtains were used with light shades to make the room look spacious and to keep it cooler. For the first bedroom, monochromatic shades of grey were used to create depth and focus, rhythm and vitality as well as cohesion and serenity with a combination of general and mood lighting to highlight the false ceiling.

For the second bedroom, grey was combined with a contrast of wood creating a variety of styles and moods, including earthy, contemplative, and rustic touch with the same lighting pattern while adorning it with a tint of yellow lighting with wood on the side tables. The whole design created a classic, contemporary space with a touch of ceaselessness.

Project: Darda Residence

Location: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Design House: Studio Integrate

Principal Architects: Ar. Manas Chordiya, Ar. Yash Jain, Ar. Abhishek Agrawal

Photography: Craftsmans Company


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