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Meet The Founders Of The Exciting Young Firm, A+T Associates

“In an exclusive interview, we caught up with the A+T partners to talk about their practice, design ethos and what keeps them inspired and motivated.” -Editor

Archis Patel & Tanvi Rajpurohit, Founders, A + T Associates

For our readers, what is the thought process behind forming a+t associates? What laid its foundation? What are the key areas that you specialize in?

a + t associates, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat, was established by Archis and Tanvi , with a view to explore design directions and taking design process as a journey of discovery. a + t is a design consultancy firm that offers services aimed at the end to end design of spaces. a + t specializes in all kind of architectural design and interior design services.

How would you describe your style?

a + t has an unparalleled flair for 'modern simplicity' or 'classical minimalism'. Our design aesthetic is marked by clean, simple and sophisticated lines, a palette of neutral colors and interesting textures. Our designs possess a basic seriousness with an injection of freshness. With every new project we love to create a new experience.

How was your partnership formed?

We both belong to same college where we met for the first time. After working together for a while we found that we share the same ideology and design perceptions, so decided to establish our own design firm and named it as a + t associates.

What are the key factors in maintaining a partnership such as yours? How are roles defined between the two of you within the firm?

The main factor in maintaining any kind of partnership is to have complete faith in each other, rest all is assured in all way. We both work on individual projects but keeping an eye on what is happening in each other’s projects.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Are there any past work experiences that are pivotal in influencing the kind of work you do today? Where do you go for stimulation?

Yes, we do learn from our past work experiences and try to do better in next one. We are dedicated to innovation and creativity and are continuously looking at new ways of experimenting in our designs. Not in particular but wherever we travel something new to us stimulates us …. It can be art, architecture, culture, fashion or way of living.

In your project 24K, you have tried to create a timeless and visually satisfying experience by giving the spaces a distinct character. Tell us about your thought process that went into this project? What was the client brief like? Why is there a special emphasis on artwork?

There was no particular brief from the client. Our initial thought while designing this project to work on contemporary and minimalistic language with the use of seamless and timeless materials so one could experience the space rather than just the décor. In all of our projects we chose artworks personally because we think that curated art work can add life to the space.

What projects are you currently working on and what is your current clientele like?

Currently we are working on many architectural and design projects and as said earlier trying to do something new…….smiles. We are working on design projects for many known brands. Also designing a interesting corporate office for industrial electronic repair experts.

What would your advice be for young and emerging artists? When according to you is the right time to start practicing?

In current scenario we found that the younger generation wants everything in very short time in terms of learning but as per our understanding to learn designing first you need to experience it through a process. For experience you must work with a good firm for a longer time. There is no right particular time to start your own practice but yes one has to ensure that he or she can give full justice to their project technically.

What is your work place/ studio environment like?

Our studio environment is quite enthusiastic. Everybody enjoys their segment of work. We do not believe in separation of skills. Each designer in the office works through all phases of design and execution process.


A: Archis Patel & Tanvi Rajpurohit

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