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These Novelties by Artist Mamta Vora Can Help Personalize Your Home in a Beautiful Way!

TDC Must Know Artist: Mamta Vora

Aiming to tell a story like no other, these delicate yet expressive novelties by artist Mamta Vora can help personalize your home in a beautiful way.

As an artist Mamta Vora finds peace and tranquility through her work, helping her to connect to her inner-self and dig deeper into the phases that we as humans go through and face the daily occurrences with great results. An artist that works on multiple mediums, her focus lies towards rejuvenating diminishing art forms and cultures

Have a look at some of the exclusive artworks below:

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

1) Genda Phool

Series: Blue

“Inspired by one of the most used and seen flower around us, the Genda Phool. As part of my Blue Series, for his piece of Artwork I wanted to depict the ocean of green & blue. The underlying idea was to show the ocean depth & the flow of leaf forms, resonating the idea of water & nature.” - Mamta Vora

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

2) Flamingo: In Kutchh

Series: Blue

"This piece is a part of my travels to Kutchh and the Flamingo being my muse. Back to my roots was the titled theme. I wanted to showcase the idea or rather depict the loss of life of these flamingos, how we are responsible for the displacement of their life and their waiting to migrate to Kutchh." - Mamta Vora

Picture courtesy: Cavelight Studio

3) Time Travel

Series: Blue

“The ambiguity, uncertainty and mere unknown realm of human understanding – Time Travel. This was also a part of my Blue series, expressing the idea of the unknown journey we all undertake. It sort of feels like a time portal and the centre banding effect gives it a trance like feeling. It compliments the blue marbling effect.” - Mamta Vora


All above images are copy right of Artist Mamta Vora.




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