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Expressing The Issue of Disinformation Spatially

The Art of Disinformation by I'm D'sign

This thought-provoking project is a conceptual interpretation of the subtle yet mixed propagation of information.

One of the major issues we face now, as a global collective, is disinformation; or fake news as some might call it. In this age of digital media news spreads like wild fire, with little or no regulation on the reliability of sources, or appropriate validation of claims. So how does one differentiate between ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’?

Picture courtesy : I’m D’sign

This thought-provoking project is a conceptual interpretation of the subtle yet mixed propagation of information. It questions individual beliefs through a play of severe contrasts and illusions. This casual pub is designed to enable a spread of information and opinions with an instigating spark, then through communication and finally through dissemination.

Initially, to create a stark contrast in form, an ultramodern structure has been inserted into an aged, worn out, exposed brick building. It builds a false expectation of being what it isn’t through its facade, to a person unaware of its interiors. This deception is furthered by multiple platforms within, that help create a false sense of privacy, opening the debate to if it’s really private if you can always peek through another platform.

Picture courtesy : I’m D’sign

The space replicates the confusion in navigation through addition of a colored frames, which is an interpretation of how information is framed in clever ways only to appeal to people. They not only guide the movement, but are also a play of the spatial illusion, questioning the user’s true perception of reality. It makes the visitor initially feel like they are approaching a colored room, only to realize that the frame fragments into different planes as they walk further towards it.

Picture courtesy : I’m D’sign

Once within the space, there are various elements that encourage subconscious inter-personal and intra-personal exchange of information; through glass screens that allow visitors to write on, and microphones travelling through floors that allow them to anonymously communicate. As one writes, another reads; as one speaks, another listens; creating an oscillating, active and passive means of conversation and transmission.

This space eventually converts into an amphitheater that enables the act of mass promulgation, where a person has a platform to reach a much wider audience. Thus, this project opens a conversation about the Art of Disinformation expressed spatially, to create an awareness by integrating this topic within the innovative context of pop culture.

Project:  The Art of Disinformation

Design House: I’m D’sign

Designed By: Aarushi Kalra

Category: Unbuilt/ Unfinished

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