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Old Burma Teak Becomes the Chief Material for this House in Mumbai

The Brown House by The Drawing Studio

A house that uses old Burma Teak as its chief material thereby creating the embodiment of an intimate and tactile experience.

The material, being the central feature, whether in the floor, walls or ceiling, stitches the spaces together as one moves along the whole house.

Picture courtesy: The Drawing Studio

Keeping the material palette clean and rich, Old and New Burma teak was used generously to frame spaces, act as a backdrop and to sculpt objects. It envelops and forms borders as it wraps around polished concrete and terrazzo floors. The floors and walls in inlaid terrazzo, with a mix of Jaisalmer marble, green Baroda, Indian Makrana marble and brass give each room a specific unique character. The same mix of terrazzo in different rooms of the house was used for bespoke objects and furniture throughout.

Picture courtesy: The Drawing Studio

The use of wood makes larger spaces more intimate and tighter and allows for details to be seen, be it surfaces or light or material. The house is furnished with custom made, handcrafted and carefully coordinated objects which are reflective of the family that inhabits it.

Picture courtesy: The Drawing Studio

For a growing family of four, the layout was designed so that all spaces would flow in to the other seamlessly. The main central sliding folding doors separate the study and the entertainment room from the living room. Once open, they connect all the spaces with each, unsparingly in both visual and physical connection.

Project: The Brown House

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Design House: The Drawing Studio

Design Team: Samir Raut, Dhruv Chavan, Suresh Vishwakarma

Lead Architect: Deepshikha Jaiswal Raut

Photography:  Sachin Powle

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