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This Rustic-Industrial Themed Cafe is Both Functional and Artistically Breathtaking

The Coffee Cup by Praveen Architects

Previously a space occupied by a bank , in a typical commercial setup has been transformed into something magical and exciting through intricate restoration and rebuilding process.

Every brick and stone within this cafe is carefully crafted and positioned along with hand plastered ceilings , exposed concrete beams , restored railings from Jodhpur with DC comics being splattered on to the exposed brick work.

Picture Courtesy: Praveen Architects

This cafe is the extension to already popular cafe chain, “The Coffee Cup”, in Hyderabad. The challenge here was to maintain the vibe of the place and lift the brand value and quality of the space , a very straight forward brief from client was to be true to the every single material used in the cafe , restoration and reuse has been the prime aspect of design.

Picture Courtesy: Praveen Architects

The cafe is spread on two levels offering multiple seating options for both closed and semi-open seating. Openings are strategically placed to fill the space with natural light. Plants are planned on every opening to reduce the heat and noise from abutting road and also to create privacy at both the levels.

A steel staircase with hardwood treads is located in the heart of cafe through an open slab connecting both the levels internally. The staircase well is crowned with custom made hundreds year old chandelier conceived from a fisherman's boat that was procured all the way from Kerala. Hanging inverted from the slab, the protruding filaments create a perfect piece of surprise and attraction for the customers.

Picture Courtesy: Praveen Architects

Each space in the cafe is a topsy-turvy experience of various materials in their purest forms. Elements of surprise are scattered through out the space to keep the user engaged and intrigued. A rustic yet cozy vibe is achieved in a very unconventional format.

Project: The Coffee Cup

Location: Hyderabad

Design House: Praveen Architects

Photography: Monika Sathe




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