A Little Modern, a Little Boho and Very Chic!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The Modern Boho Loft by Weespaces

The project’s site was a bright one, with ample natural light, an open floor plan & a modern clean structure to work with topped off with a discerning client. It’s restrained but full of depth, a muted palette on the whole but a fantastic play of textures, organic with bohemian hints & some great art.

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

The entryway is narrow with one part leading up the stairs into the top floor of this split-level loft while straight down you are led into the main living area. The space was amplified visually by introducing a large brass framed mirror with a matte black ledge below. The staircase was all white and the railings painted black for contrast.

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

The showstopper of the design would be the living area on the ground level with its height & natural light, but it was a challenging space to design because even though it had height, it didn’t have much square footage. With gorgeous white brick tiling & natural wood rafters on the ceiling, complemented by a custom-made light fixture of hanging gold pendants & clean-lined furniture, this space is truly stunning!

Picture courtesy : Weespaces

The dining/bar area adjoining the living space flows into the open kitchen to create a consolidated section.

"We went with deep charcoal & white wainscoting in the dining area to add interest." - Weespaces

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

A large part of the dead space under the staircase was use to create a bar and to provide closed storage. The kitchen is small and has a clean sharp look. A sleek pantry unit was added switched out the counter-tops to white quartz.

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

Given that the patio was a tight spot, they added an over-sized mirror on one side of the double height space. Framed in recycled wood, the piece gives this niche a rustic feel! A gorgeous chandelier and sleek white metal furniture further set the tone.

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

The master bedroom has a moody feel with a hint of luxury. The color palette was predominantly grey and blue with some blush. The upholstered bed is custom made with a lovely hand embroidered fabric and is anchored by a charcoal sea-grass wallpaper.

Picture courtesy: Weespaces

The guest bedroom on the ground level has a subtle Indian feel. A solid medium teak bed with a simple headboard was chosen with a decoupage cabinet.

Project Name: The Modern Boho Loft

Location: Bhartiya City, Bangalore

Design House: Weespaces

Principal Designer: Vinithra Amarnathan

Photography: Parth Swaminath


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