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The Residence is Pieced Together with Keen Attention to Detail and a Homogenous Material Palette

Segu Residence by Taliesyn

The Segu Residence is a home in Bangalore that belongs to an expatriate family transitioning to the process of acclimatizing to a renewed style of dwelling in urban condominium abodes.

Nestled in the heart of South Bangalore, this home is an honest collaboration between the design studio and the homeowners. The client brought hands-on expertise to the forefront with his honed experience in the sphere of project management and execution.

The focused brief emphasized the curation of a minimalistic home that is modern and elegant in its demeanor — a coherent brief that enabled the home to become a literal extrapolation of the conceptual sketches that manifested themselves as devices of design. The creative intent reinforces the conceptualization of a residence that establishes a timeless and self-evident correlation between form and function.

The condominium’s kitchen is one that emphasizes the functionality fact. Laminam stone and metallic lacquer frames in triangular-edge profiles render the space in a modern light. The central kitchen island doubles up on storage and makes the most of the square footage at hand. The monochrome and geometric flooring carry through into the shared spaces — a canvas of statuario marble that engages geometric play via black inlay work to form rectilinear sections.

Blush tones and wooden grooved wainscotting embrace the guest bedroom. A play of volumes is accentuated via the curtains that seem to cascade to the floor from the bedroom ceiling. The lighter wood tones across the room harbor a red undertone that plays well off the wall's warm peach tones.

With its every weave, the Segu Residence fulfills the homeowners' aspirations and the vision they had, seamed together to craft their quintessential family abode. The home’s design journey has resulted from a holistic union amidst the clients and the studio — a careful blend of luxe, elegant and comfortable dwelling.

Project: Segu Residence

Location: SVASA Homes, Bangalore

Design House: Taliesyn

Lead Architects: Shalini Chandrashekar and G S Mahaboob Basha

Photography: Shamanth Patil


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