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This Contemporary Rooftop Design Envelops into a Bold and Dynamic Space

The Vantage by Life Dessein

The Vantage is the conversion of a rooftop into a contemporary recreation space that focuses on flexibility and interaction through design.

The Vantage, located in the heart of New Delhi, is a rooftop terrace designed by Lifestyle Dessein. The spatial design focuses on flexibility, segregation of areas and functions based on the requirements of a growing family. 

Picture Courtesy: Life Dessein

The terrace is composed of an interactive ledge system that easily accommodates a large social gathering in close proximity of a flexible bar. The green wall leads to a private workspace, an elevated room which is segregated from the green oasis.

Picture Courtesy: Life Dessein

A higher pergola provides a more private as well as a focal space during an event. An enclosed structure on the terrace contains private programs like a family bath for the relaxation of the family.

Picture Courtesy: Life Dessein

The scale of the screens that provide as partitions are in proportion with the surrounding site, and provide a highly crafted and welcoming entry that marks the Vantage as the hub, and offers some insight as to the scale of the community within

Project: The Vantage

Location: New Delhi

Design House: Lifestyle Dessein

Design Team: Abhinav Gupta & Jayati Gupta

Photography Credit: Rohan Dayal

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