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Studio Bilaang Designs a Trendy Home Theatre Filled with Delightful Retro-Hues

'Theatre of Dreams' by Studio Bilaang

Within 400 square feet, this trendy home theatre features delightful retro-hues that breathes fresh life into every nook and corner of this contemporary space.

The entrance of the theatre embraces a retro yet classic backlit ‘Cinema’ name plate which sets forth a striking first impression of what lies beyond the classic veneer door jeweled with a sleek golden handle.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Bilaang

The dazzling gold cushioned wall panels blends in seamlessly with the black fabric walls, also taking care of the acoustical requirements of the theater system. "The client approached us interestingly just to design one of the rooms of their Individual huge residence, into a home theater room where they wished it to be a place where they could accommodate  Friends & family  over for Movies and Match-days. At the same time they wanted this home theater to be a standout cinema being huge movie-buffs which was unique and gave us a free hand to be as creative and innovative as needed . Hence we have designed not only the interiors of the theater room but also the entrance of the room to make the theater rooms stand apart within the residence itself." said the team at Studio Bilaang. 

Picture Courtesy: Studio Bilaang

The highly characterful aesthetics was rendered with a unique sensibility for detail and technicality for all Audio-visual systems. The customized king size sofa come bed in teal with charging sockets and cup holders meet in all requirements for long movie hours and match days!!!

"Yes, designing a theater is challenging. One has to take care of the acoustics as well as the aesthetics. We have carefully selected almost all finishes with respect to the porosity and acoustic property of them.  We have used fabric on each wall of the theater and beneath the fabric there is double layered paneling of gypsum with a rock based mineral fiber underneath engineered for soundproofing and insulation. The ceiling too was made of acoustic panels and flooring was finished with a dense carpet. The cushioned panels too consist of foam which again helps in sound absorption." said the designers at Studio Bilaang.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Bilaang

The client being one of the biggest fans of King Khan, we went on with a classic SRK portrait in the heart of the cushion paneled wall. On the opposite wall a stand out wooden console table with marble handles just adds to the lux vibe.

Project: Theatre of Dreams

Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Design House: Studio Bilaang

 Design Team: Pritesh Khatod, Ar. Akshata Chavan

Photography: Sagar Sonar

Furniture Design: Barikee Studio

Know more about Studio Bilaang:

Based out of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, interior designer Pritesh Khatod and architect Akshata Chavan Khatod are most expressive in creating spaces which are self-reflective as a result of which a self-esteemed “Studio Bilaang” was bought up. The duo started their practice from 2018 with the purpose to establish a base for not only as designers but with a long term ambition of providing and creating comfort to the utmost.

Both have had complete opposite backgrounds, with Pritesh having an inter-generational business of real estate along with holding master’s degree in management from the prestigious Manchester Business School in the UK. Though, he was more inclined towards creative fields and pursued interior designing from institute of interior and fashion design.

Whereas Akshata has had a quite reflective background with her being employed in the same field, from starting at grass root level with contracting to having stainless steel warehouses and to finally getting into real estate. She grew up having architecture as her only aim and initially completed interior designing from Sinhgad Institute, Pune and later pursued a degree in architecture from MIT.

Pritesh and Akshata Khatod, Founders, Studio Bilaang

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