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This Bangalore Home Serves as a Classic Example of Simplicity and Sophistication

Smita and Sarvesh’s Residence by By The Riverside

This project was conceptualized with the desire of the family to have a home that strikes the perfect balance between modern and classic décor while reflecting the the personality of each individual.

A classic example of simplicity and sophistication, the design of the home was initiated by minor renovation which received an overwhelming response, leading to the facelift of the entire home.

"Our client Smita, a medical professional, a pro baker and a marathon runner loves to style and decorate her home. She asked us to refashion her old, small kitchen into a spacious and sophisticated one. We maximized the small kitchen space by merging the utility thereby designing a parallel gallery kitchen. The metal checkered window at the end brought in natural light complementing the Mediterranean kitchen." explained the designers at By The Riverside

It was the client's love for yellow which brought in the elegant Jodhpuri handles on the kitchen cabinet giving her an exclusive and unique look.vThe window grill detailing on the cabinet and stone texture tiles gives her the stylish and classic look she desires. In the family room, where on one side the checkered wallpaper steals the show, the collaboration between the bar, TV unit and storage cabinet establishes the synchronization between the design and colour scheme. The use of French doors with a blush rose colour not only compliments the entire house but also shows the charm of soft use of colours awarding a whole new dimension to the house.

Look alike colour schemes and printed tiles are adopted in the bathroom from top to bottom. Her wish to have a rustic angle in the earthy bathroom led us to customize the washbasin table in a unique elegant way. Phase I renovation overwhelmed the entire family and they unanimously decided to facelift the entire house. The discussions and interactions with the family let out their desire to have a modern and classic vibe in their home depicting personal liking and personalities of each and every member.

This luxurious master bedroom has a perfect balance of the pastel color scheme complementing each and every element in the room which is thoughtfully made keeping in mind the color Smita always loved and wanted it to be the highlight of her personal space.

Project: Smita & Sarvesh's Residence

Location: Bangalore

Design House: By The Riverside





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