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This Eclectic Home in Jaipur Showcases a Mix of Art and Refurbished Furniture

The project was designed by Kamal & Kavita - with a deep inclination toward art & so in all there is a reflection of creative art in every piece of furniture to match the soul of the place.

The antiques were given preference over the modern decor items - also the designer came up with refurbishing the old antique doors to glam up the dining wall with icing on the cake was old sitar from the personal collection of the client which reflects her inclination towards music & art. Master bedroom where was giving a reflection of colonial flavor which in turns out to be a reflection of expert craftsmanship that was designed in detail.

Project: Jaipur Home

Location: Jaipur

Design House: Kamal Kavita Interiors

Principal Designers: Kamal Tolani, Kavita Tolani

Photography: Captura India


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