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This Eye Hospital Playfully Reflects the Image of Colourful Aesthetics and Gradation of Graphics

Updated: May 8, 2023

Shraddha Eye Hospital by Pomegranate Designs

Making its home in a new and improved premise in Vadodara’s bustling

Nizampura neighborhood, a 4000 sqft Shraddha Eye hospital seeks to

playfully reflect the image of colorful aesthetics, gradation of graphics and

highly functional spaces.

The clients for this project came up with a clear brief, a state-of-the-art hospital divided into four zones - consultation areas, waiting area, day-care or recovery rooms and operation rooms, Designers deliberately aimed to toy with interesting graphics, classic color combinations, and precise lightings throughout these divisions to club these zones into one wholesome unit working in perfect sync with each other.

While explaining the design approach, the principal designers of the project added, "We placed a central waiting area and wrapped it around with all the consultation, OPDs and optometric rooms. A strategically placed reception

table in the waiting area becomes functional every time a patient walks in

through the well-lit entrance gangway and is further directed to the concerned

zone. For a quiet and secluded OT and day care zone, facilitating speedy recovery of patients, we assigned external periphery to these facilities. Ergonomically designed passages, waiting spaces and OT area provide the perfect backdrop for a successful functioning of the hospital. The awkward shape of the building layout, low ceiling height, air conditioning ducts, functional requirement of wider passages, and requirement of other supporting services added to our design challenges."

The material palette for the hospital interiors was kept minimal. Dual-color gradation cutwork offers a perfect backdrop for a very busy yet playful waiting area. A large double glass window façade helps in maintaining low decibels from the busy road outside while keeping the areas well lit naturally. Ergonomically designed passages, waiting spaces, and OT area provide the perfect backdrop for the successful functioning of the hospital.

"Success of any healthcare facility these days depends upon various factors involving its aesthetic appearance, fire safety standards, MEP services, equipment technology & placement, along with comfort factor in terms of interiors. All the above aspects were put together to create a fine orderliness in our interior design. Large double glass window façade helps in maintaining low decibels from the busy road outside & keeping the areas well-lit naturally. Use of contemporary materials such as glass, HDF, polyurethane paints, composite stone, Natural stone, etc. adds on to the modern-day image of the hospital." explained Samir Kulkarni.

Project: Shraddha Eye Hospital

Location: Nizampura, Baroda

Design House: Pomegranate Designs

Principal Designers: Samir Kulkarni, Sonal Kulkarni

Photography: Sudhir Parmar Photography


About the firm: Pomegranate Designs

Principal Designers Samir Kulkarni & Sonal Kulkarni

Pomegranate Designs is a committed team of Architects and Designers based in Vadodara, Gujarat, founded by Samir & Sonal in the year 2011.

We develop designs and generate solutions that improve your environment, whether it’s a corporate office, hospitals, school, home, spa and salons, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, exhibition, high end residential projects or the world at large. With progressive research and study along with technical knowledge and artistic vision, we try to build a better world around you.

Over the past few years, Pomegranate Designs has emerged as one of the leading and most sought after Architectural, Interior Design firms in the city and has been actively working across key cities in the country with clients ranging from leaders in healthcare, business, finance, films, media and politics. Each member of our creative team brings along the field of expertise and experience that offers our clients a single point of responsibility and accountability, ensuring each project’s success. A guiding principle of Pomegranate Designs is that each project reflects the spirit and personality of its owner.

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