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This Eye Hospital Playfully Reflects the Image of Colourful Aesthetics and Gradation of Graphics

Updated: Jan 24

The clients came up with a clear brief where they wanted a state-of-the-art hospital divided into four zones. Designers deliberately aimed to toy with interesting graphics, classic color combinations, and precise lightings throughout these divisions to club these zones into one wholesome unit working in perfect sync with each other.

The material palette for the hospital interiors was kept minimal. Dual-color gradation cutwork offers a perfect backdrop for a very busy yet playful waiting

area. A large double glass window façade helps in maintaining low decibels from the busy road outside while keeping the areas well lit naturally. Ergonomically designed passages, waiting spaces, and OT area provide the perfect backdrop for the successful functioning of the hospital.

1) Could you tell us your approach towards the project in order to make it state-of-the-art in terms of design?

Success of any healthcare facility these days depends upon various factors involving its aesthetic appearance, fire safety standards, MEP services, equipment technology & placement, along with comfort factor in terms of interiors. All the above aspects were put together to create a fine orderliness in our interior design.

Large double glass window façade helps in maintaining low decibels from the busy road outside & keeping the areas well-lit naturally. Use of contemporary materials such as Glass, HDF, Polyurethane paints, Composite stone, Natural stone, etc adds on to the modern-day image of the Hospital.

2) Inspiration behind choosing minimalism as a concept for the choice of materials and colours?

Right from the beginning of this particular project, we were quite clear with the idea of using less for more.

We started with contemporary yet classic colour and material palette which would accentuate the nature and work philosophy of our clients.

Dual colour gradation of cutwork offers a perfect backdrop for a very busy yet playful waiting area. The ease and uncertainty of the graphics helped in developing curiosity while breaking the monotony of whites & greys. Subtle use of greys in the flooring and whites in the ceiling maintained the modern elegance in a very soothing manner and it also helped us use bold colours in the artefacts and upholstery. Use of Green indoor plants like areca palms, snake plant and ficus at regular intervals throughout the facility brings to life the entire space. Gradation in ceiling profile lights also adds to the drama of a bustling waiting space.

3) Please state the issues and challenges faced during execution and how you tackled them.

The building was skewed towards the roadside making the interior spaces awkwardly placed, deep beam bottoms were difficult to treat when there was a requirement of air conditioning ducts to pass through each space flawlessly, the functional requirement of wider passages threw even harder challenges in terms of space management along with the requirement of other ancillary services.

To address these important issues and meet the requirements we had to work out a very efficient and practical layout in terms of space planning. The central waiting area wrapped up with consultation, OPDs and optometric rooms & strategically placed reception table in the waiting area becomes extremely useful every time a patient walks in through the well-lit entrance passageway and is further directed to the concerned zone.

For a quiet and secluded Operation Theatre and day care zone which would facilitate speedy recovery of patients, we assigned external periphery to these facilities. Ergonomic passages, judiciously designed false ceilings levels, waiting areas and OT offered a perfect backdrop for effective functioning of the hospital.

4) How have users responded towards the design of the hospital post-completion?

Most of the users being the patients in this case have responded very positively. Smart interior ideas and the fresh welcoming ambiance contributed to reducing their fear of visiting a hospital. The graphical waiting area, electronic displays and tastefully curated artworks are topic of discussion and appreciation. The Hospital employees can clearly make out that a good design can have a positive impact not only on the patients but also on themselves. Doctors find their long and strenuous work schedules more enjoyable and rewarding both physically and monetarily.

Project: Shraddha Eye Hospital

Location: Nizampura, Baroda

Design House: Pomegranate Designs

Principal Designers: Samir Kulkarni, Sonal Kulkarni,

Photography: Sudhir Parmar Photography


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