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This Kolkata Home is Thoughtfully Drizzled with a Sense of Storytelling

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

House at Park Circus by Design Surface

Spread across an area of 1350 square feet, the four bedroom house is located in the southern part of Kolkata.

It is flushed with a myriad of earthytones and a sombre colour palette that infuses warmth and coziness into the home. The scheme presented a compact floor plan, which was the primary challenge. One approaches the central common area via the entrance foyer which further spreads out into the bedrooms, kitchen, and it's corresponding balcony. The design narrative aims to follow one's path into the home.

1) What were the key challenges faced during the project? The key challenges faced during the project was - COVID ! I started off this project right after the first lockdown. Logistical issues were a big problem even after the first lockdown - Sourcing materials, getting contractors back from their hometown, restrictions in building premises & so many more. Just when things came back in track & work flow was going well, we had the 2nd Lockdown. That was worse - the contractors went back to their hometown the moment they heard about it, material sourcing became a nightmare. Amidst all of this, we handed over the project exactly in 10 months.

2) Inspiration behind choice of materials and colors?

The people residing in the space were my inspiration behind the colors & material. A grey-blue palette for a young teenage boy giving the space a funky look. A white-coral & rosegold palette for the girl giving a serene simple look inspired by the nature of the girl herself. 3) Key design interventions that make the project unique?

The space we were given was a very big challenge, fitting 4 rooms each with 3 wardrobes seemed impossible. we have planned every inch of the space carefully. The choice of colors used were light & bright to make the space look big. We took alot of space in the passage, foyer & made lofts everywehre to fit in the storage. In this house you will storage spaces planned in the most uniques ways, where you cant even think of.

4) What was the first reaction of the client towards the project? They were beyond happy. They gave me raw flat & they got back a 'home' is what they say. There ideas, choice, & needs were all kept in mind very strongly while designing the space. Client Testimony 'Priyamvada has an eye for details and that reflects in her work. The interactions were warm & fun; every decision and plan was tailored to our needs. The end result is testimony to it- an evergreen and cozy space which we now call home. The passion and drive to work will surely take her places!'

Project: House at Park Circus

Location: Kolkata

Design House: Design Surface

Photographer : Anushree Bhatter


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