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This Minimal Architect’s Office in Calicut is a Space that Fosters Creativity and Collaboration

The Violet by Nestcraft Architecture

This Office goes beyond being a mere workspace; it is a manifestation of an architect's persona and deepest desires. Functioning as a "man cave” it serves as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and relaxation.

The project is designed with careful consideration of its climate and surrounding context. It features a simple rectangular shape and linear orientation that helps in minimising any exposure to harsh sunlight.

Furthermore, the design ensures a constant interplay of ever-changing natural light, shadow and cross ventilation. This in turn fosters a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere.

Designed with the aim to provide optimum openness in design, this office features minimal external walls and no internal partitions. The open plan promotes teamwork, transparency and a sense of unity among the users. Indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly blend providing visitors with a feeling of rejuvenation and connection to nature.

The choice of building materials along with the colour palette complements the contemporary design approach. The holistic design of this office fosters a warm and motivating atmosphere that inspires creativity and promotes collaboration among all who step inside.

Project: The Violet

Location: Calicut, Kerala

Design House: Nestcraft Architecture

Principal Designer: Rohit Palakkakl

Photography: Redz Photography


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