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This Minimalistic Apartment in Surat Offers a Subtly Sophisticated & Modern Ambience

Mahiman by Kritnam.Atelier

Mahiman translates from Sanskrit which means ‘increasing values at will’.

‘Mahiman’ house in Surat is an amalgamation of the family's core values depicted subtly through their collection of art over the years. The interior language is designed to blend minimalistic and contemporary design approaches with the spiritual beliefs of the family.

A play of hues in fabric and furnishings and texture on the vertical surface gives an earthen taste of it. Everything in the house blends into one language, with the maintenance of its own identity and importance. The language reflects in the centre table, wood panel, light fixture, seating elements etc. The lighting fixtures developed on the existing slab and pull-out from the pattern so there are no false ceiling at all.

The design language is portrayed as creatively as possible such as the black groove pattern of the main door that is reflected from the safety door, the black handle of the stained wood formed from the wood waste. A thin pair of wooden bars have also maintained and harmonized the interior with the floating side table of the sofa and TV unit.

Project: Mahiman

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Design House: Kritnam.Atelier

Lead Designer: Maher Desai

Photography: Yellow Frame





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