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This Multi-Family Dwelling Serves as an Alternate Approach to Apartment Design in Delhi

Off Grid House by Unbox Design

Neighborhoods in Delhi are witnessing a transition in the social fabric as well as housing typologies and their architecture in the face of rising population and rapid urbanization.

The former trend of spaced-out single-family dwelling units has now been replaced by multifamily apartment units. These are predominantly executed through the profit-driven ‘developer model’ that emphasizes the maximization of built area and the provision of a generic template of amenities.

The home features elements like moldings, arches, Greek orders, and carvings. Muted tones and minimalist with diverse materiality take over the space, making Home An Art in itself. The overall ambiance is contemporary with hinges of culture, values, and traditions.

The site is a two side open plot, in the front a primary approach road offering the only views to a single full-grown tree and filtered views to a small community park behind. The house is designed to comfortably accommodate three families over 4 floors, 2 single-level homes, and a duplex, with careful consideration given to climatic conditions and comfort factors.

An in-depth study of the surrounding houses in the neighborhood revealed how the single-family houses were carefully planned to incorporate natural light, ventilation, views, and an overall sensitivity to their surroundings, whereas the present-day “apartment block” is being built mostly as a transaction between a developer and a desperate homeowner, often devoid of ample natural light, ventilation.

The Off Grid House is a thought-driven attempt at an approach that is guided by vocabulary capable of its self-identity while simultaneously harmonizing with its immediate environment. This project is a humble attempt to emphasize the values of the design process over the face value of the end product.

Project: Off Grid House

Location: Delhi

Design House: Unbox Design

Design Team: Aman Issar, Ashley Grover

Photography: Avesh Gaur


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