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This Office Features Visually Unobtrusive Spaces with a Mix of Industrial Chic Décor

Interior Designers Office by Studio Atiniv

This interior designer's office in Bangalore features a smashing combination of grey and yellow, which blends a refined elegant backdrop with bright pops of accent hues.

Bangalore based Studio Atiniv has always resonated with bright, colourful and well ventilated spaces. The formulation of this project originated with a tight budget for an execution oriented interior design firm.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Atiniv

Given that the colour yellow is often associated with stimulating emotion, it became ideal for the design of this office, which coincidentally is also similar to the organizations existing logo, aimed at evoking a feeling of happiness and can brighten one’s spirits.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Atiniv

Every part of the space has ventilation and external views of rain trees on the street that complement the yellows of the interior spaces during the day. "We tried to keep the spaces as open with minimum visual obstruction." said the designers at Studio Atiniv.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Atiniv

Beginning with a welcoming and warm reception area, the space unfolds gradually to a conference room, 2 private cabins and working cubical for 8 people, a pantry and a toilet.

In terms of interiors the designers decided to use a mix of industrial combined with wood finish laminate to add warmth to the space. For the conference room partition MS square sections were used for the frames and metal sheets to fill the few gaps to make the space semi private. The pattern was derived from their logo. The ceiling lamp used in the conference room has a rugged metal shell with a hint of traditional arts in POP on the inside.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Atiniv

The ceiling is painted in grey with exposed electrical conduits placed in an interesting layout. "The same language was interpreted in the other cabins and cubicle space for 8 people where employees can plan and design future projects.

Project: Interior Designer’s Office

Location: Jakkur, Bengaluru

Design Team: Studio Atiniv

Lead Architect: Ar. Vinita Kumari

Photography: Nandan Ramaswamy





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