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This Office in Pune Redefines Modern Minimalism with a Dash of Eccentricity

Updated: Jan 27

UrbanWrk by KSD Studio

Designed for UrbanWrk, a premium enterprise that offers tech-enabled, collaborative, and thoughtful workspace solutions; customization existed at the heart of it.

Ideated to bring in conversations through a collaborative design, this 15,000 sq. ft workspace is set on the fifth and sixth floor of a business district in Baner, Pune. With open spatial planning, use of minimalist materials, and custom-made interactive seating; this workplace design takes intuitive cues in carving a new niche for itself. The exemplary interior spaces were designed to provide an unmatched experience to its employees.

The design is built on the foundation of embracing natural light that enters from the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. The subtle spaces open their doors to natural elements almost as a reflex. Breaking through the stereotype of cubicles, this workspace has a cafe-like seating with multiple forms of furniture pieces. Transparency is maintained in every aspect, even the meeting rooms are partitioned through a clear glass to allow a seamless work atmosphere.

One enters the space through the lift lobby and faces the sleek rattan partitions, exuding a transitory experience. The floorplate includes a reception area, seating zone, workspace, meeting room, pantry, and washrooms.

The reception area follows a naturistic look with a balance of wood and concrete Adding a hint of modern minimalism with a dash of eccentricity, the lapato finish granite with wood and rattan in the pantry area is a fresh take on going natural. This space is followed by an enclosed meeting area with uninterrupted visual access to the entire floor plate.

Project: The Storefront Workspace

Location: Pune

Design House: KSD Studio

Principal Architect: Kshiti Shah

Photography: Bizou




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