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This Opulent Modern Office in Pune Showcases a Dynamic Play of Fine Lines Against Warm Tones

The Square Foot by Ikigai Studio

This 1000 sq. ft. office space located in the heart of the city of Pune. Lack of floor space and lack of enough height, but designers came up with solutions to make the space feel luxurious.

The diagonals of the veneer on the columns resonate on the wall panelling, which in turn reverberates on the furniture, glass partitions, and other interior elements. A lot of American Walnut Veneer has been used here, with a combination of some brushed brass finished elements. A frosted white matte finish is used to finish most of the tables and shutters. Marble too is extensively used.

Project: The Square Foot

Location: Pune

Design House: Ikigai Studio

Principal Architects: Ar. Anuja Marudgan

Photography: Prasad Undale





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