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This Sea-Facing Home Gets a Timeless, Sophisticated and Functional Revamp!

The Living Space by NACL

Located in Juhu, Mumbai, The Living Project is a cozy living room designed for a couple in their mid-fifties who requested for a timeless, sophisticated and functional space.

Located in Juhu, Mumbai, the house offered stunning views of the beach that inspire elements within the design. The living room was transformed into an open plan to create spaces that flow into each other cohesively. Segregation within spaces through furniture placement or playing with levels in the floor helped define areas within a single space.

Picture Courtesy: NACL

This sea-facing home inspired us to go with a monotone colour palette, reminding us of the pristine beaches, giving it an airy look, adding vastness in the space and allowing the spaces to merge into one another flawlessly. Use of rich textures and playing with contrasting colours to highlight certain areas was the primary concept while conceptualizing this space. The overall design aesthetic was a mix of contemporary and classic elements. The interplay of lines and patterns on the walls and furniture to create a space that is elegant as well as a classic in nature.

Keeping the floor base subtle, a muted Italian grey marble was coupled with high gloss finished fixed furniture that was designed with classic moulding details on the shutters to create a sophisticated as well as elegant interior space. A striking and vibrant sofa piece adds a splash of colour to the otherwise monochrome design adding briskness to the space.

Picture Courtesy: NACL

The house contains elements and pieces that were custom-designed to reflect the character and style of the clients. For instance, the centre table was created by reusing the existing furniture piece. The old wooden table has been embellished with a floral mosaic on-site to create a stunning, accent piece for the space. Breaking through the monotone colour scheme, the raised sea-facing bar area is completely designed in shades of brown, from the floor to the standalone-bespoke bar table to the custom-created lattice pattern in marble on the adjacent wall. The pattern is replicated on a cement sheet on the opposite wall that is defined with a subtle wooden panelling texture to create an unobtrusive backdrop to the seating area.

Picture Courtesy: NACL

The client is an avid traveller and collector and had requested to create a space to exhibit her collection. To incorporate this request, a mirror wall display unit has been created to portray and celebrate her collection as well as confine and focus it to a dedicated area. To break- away from the stereotypical method of mounting art on walls, the art collection owned by the client was infused into the crockery unit, mounted to create intriguing furniture pieces.

Picture Courtesy: NACL

Since the client entertains often, the space is designed to be soothing and calming as well as warm and welcoming. The living space is just as functional as aesthetic, wherein concealed cabinets create ample storage to declutter the living space.

From the knobs to the tables and lights, everything has been carefully curated and personalized for the client giving them a space that is unique to them.

Project: The Living Project

Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Design House: NACL

Principal Architect: Natasha Aggarwal

Photography: Kuber Shah


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