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This Young Studio Integrates Awesome Graphics into Signature Furniture and Art Pieces

In Focus: Studio Saher Sahni

Based out of New Delhi, Studio Saher Sahni is a young and multidisciplinary firm practicing multiple forms of design ranging between product, space and décor.

The firm adopts a unique approach in curating spaces which involves a combination of furniture and art into statement or signature pieces which reflect personal stories. Led by Saher Sahni , the studio laid its foundation through the belief ‘design lies in everything’.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Saher Sahni

As a brand, the studio focuses on accentuating the architectural experience by filling up spaces with signature and bespoke pieces of furniture. "We believe that the best way to experience any space is by “look” and “feel”. Hence, we use “visual cues” and “form” to create a story or a narrative specific to every client. Visual cues translate to graphical patterns entailing personal stories or anecdotes while form translates into structure depending on availability of space and function." explained Saher.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Saher Sahni

Saher's motivation for the brand stemmed from her college days. During her studies, she realized the power of spaces and their affect on human psychology, character and emotions. She analyzed how simple spatial elements like adjacency, opposition, dominance, transition etc. when used properly in different permutations and combinations, can actually help create experiences that could have a strong influence on one's personality or vibe.

Through her thesis, she designed a prototype intervention to beat patriarchy in the urban realm by re-gendering and feminizing existing urban-scapes while trying to change the general connotation of an Indian woman through spaces, symbolism, fashion and visual cues.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Saher Sahni

This philosophy resonates through her practice and work. For example, her design of a multipurpose study cum coffee table, ‘Urban Oasis’, integrates signature graphics based on the concept of ‘Twin Flames’, which are inspired by the users personal archives and memories. This is complimented by soothing pastel hues and the warmth of wood. The artwork-like table also features ‘empty pockets’ for vases and planters.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Saher Sahni

Studio Saher Sahni is here to curate any boring corner of space into something that won’t only have aesthetic value but would also have some sentimental character.


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