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Clean Lines, Geometric Patterns and Bold Splashes of Color Feature in this Residence in Gurugram

Urban Biome by arcKala Design Studio

Situated on the outskirts of Gurugram, this elegant and chic home features clean lines and geometric patterns with bold splashes of color.

The site is a nicely planned three bedroom apartment located on the ninth floor of DLF, The Ultima in Sector-81 of Gurugram city. With the perks of expansive panoramic views of the neighbouring farmland and Aravali hills, the abode situated in an off-beat location with all the necessary amenities and luxury.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The client’s brief was to design an abode that is well lit with bold splashes of colour creating focus and contrast within the interior spaces. All the rooms have different themes and are accommodated by drastically different personalities.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The design team led by Ar.Anusha Katoch & Ar.Janesh Jain proposed a chique and elegant theme in the mood board as per the client’s requirements. There is a use of clean lines and geometric shapes in the consoles and furniture to add aesthetic appeal to the compact spaces and provide efficient storage and functional spaces.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The entrance lobby gives the view of the entire living and dining space backed with a gigantic window-door that provides a panoramic view of the nature surrounding the building. The walls are light-grey coloured and give the sense of a larger space, however the blue and pink sofas break the monotony and brighten up the space. Geometric partition in golden metal with tinted blue glass gives dining its own space while adding a natural blue tint in the living room.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The daughter’s room was inspired by a quirky and raw look. Smartly designed furniture helped to increase the storage in this room measuring 10ft by 9 ft. Rasberry pink on the front wall with a contrasting green chest of drawer in a distressed look. The bed back and bed is in the same green as the chest of drawers with a tropical pattern wallpaper on the bed back wall adding depth and character to the room. The pink colour from this room bleeds into the lobby and adds plushness to the lobby and living.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The young couple’s room was designed to have light breezy and modern feel. Clean forms and poster bed contribute in adding interesting elements in a simple and compact room.Use of gold adds sleek accents of luxury. Subtle lighting in the room highlights the lines and geometry in the room making it look chique and modern.

The parent’s bedroom i.e. the master bedroom has a neutral beige and grey theme. Extravagant yet minimal back light bed back design adds a lot of character to the space and scales the space perfectly making the room cosy and compact.

Picture courtesy: arcKala design Studio

The challenge faced in this design project was to create a space that perfectly reflects the diverse personalities of the family members and yet bind into a single identity. Ample storage spaces and lighting without creating a false ceiling were some of the major concerns.

Overall, this abode has amalgamated into a modern and chique house with accents of colour, luxury and art that break the monotony of the overall space creating a perfect environment for all the members of the family to relax and congregate in a biome surrounded by nature and exuberance.

Project: Urban Biome

Location: Gurugram

Design House: arcKala design Studio

Principal Architect/Designers :

Ar.Anusha Katoch & Ar. Janesh Jain

Photography: Shades Studio, Asmita Khodankar


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