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We love this roller coaster of Art & Design!

Based out of Pune, Quirkbox is an Indian powerhouse of design that was initially founded as a fashion and lifestyle label that produces eccentric wearable art. With contemporary art being the forefront of its design ethos, Quirkbox has had tremendous success winning numerous awards along with showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week.

Picture courtesy: Quirkbox

Over the years, Quirkbox has managed to touch pretty much every area of mainstream Art & Design. It has turned into a full fledged Design Agency that creates a strong and distinctive aesthetic for anyone who would like to hire their services.

Picture courtesy: Quirkbox

Its quirker in chief, Jayesh Sachdev, is an artist, designer and illustrator and also has won many awards. It is this array of experience that is channelized into various Art & Design mediums such as Fashion, Furniture, Home Decor, Accessories, Space Design and Products that are vibrant, loud, funky and synonymous with everything happy and he is still hungry for more!

Picture courtesy: Quirkbox

And it doesn't stop there! On board as chief illustrator is Priyanka Sachdev, who has a tremendous affinity towards pen and paper yet an incredible acumen for detailed vector graphics which puts her at the core of Quirkbox.

"We are synonymous with all things fun, outlandish and distinctive. Our exuberant approach to the everyday life encourages personal style with a dash of incandescent charm. We call it life in technicolour."
Picture courtesy: Quirkbox (In picture: Jayesh & Priyanka Sachdev)

We got up close with Jayesh in an exclusive interview to find out what he has in store for us next. Check out our interview section!

Firm: Quirkbox

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Founder & Creative Director: Jayesh Sachdev

Chief Illustrator: Priyanka Sachdev


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