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This Ravishing New Shop In Hyderabad Is Aimed At Chocoholics & Design Enthusiasts

Zuci by F+S Designs

Chocoholics and design enthusiasts can now get their fix at the same place, Zuci- Chocolates and Boulangerie is a ravishing new shop at the upscale Road 45 Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

Zuci [Su-Chi, Shu-], derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Shuci’ meaning ‘pure’ is the brainchild of a young enthusiastic couple who were introduced to chocolate-making and baking in Europe, many years ago. Their zeal and earnestness to kick-start a new chocolate brand in Hyderabad with premium quality products, was infectious. A platform was set to weave a story with charming, luxurious decor, to make the chocolate treats an experience to revel in.

"We believe that every project is an invitation to embark on an unexpected and fascinating journey. A chance to tell an adventurous story full of soul; incorporating a mix of materials and influences. A story that portrays what the place has to offer and one that touches every customer, in the case of a retail store." - F+S Designs

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

Zuci is a project that draws diverse threads from Old-world European interiors and weaves them into a gorgeous contemporary setting. Those threads include, arched facades, Venetian-plastered walls, plush dark-wood paneling, patterned dual-tone flooring and polished metal-work, creating a kaleidoscopic assemblage of a Mid-Century Modern style setting.

The external facade is an abstract installation of spheres enclosed in a crimson arched- facade wall. A composition that captures the simplicity, depth and delight of chocolate. The spherical lights placed in this installation throw dramatic shadows on the burnt-sienna wall behind them.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

On entering the restaurant a 28-feet long main display counter lit with the rhythm of ten large hanging spherical lights, welcome us. The chocolate display counter is a crystal brown stone-finished unit with a clean white stone-finished counter-top and a temperature controlled glass enclosure. The picture is complete with a beautiful back-wall with a composition of inverted brass metal arches and black metal stripes. The dual-tone flooring with a progressing pattern of stars, adds to the drama. A lush peach, Venetian plastered wall enriches the Entrance area. Metal bread racks and linear shelves for chocolate-coated nuts and snacks, flank the entrance corridor.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

At the farther end of the corridor, is the Dining area accentuated with a scarlet red arched-wall, overlooking lush greenery and sunlight streaming through. The plush velvet-fabric sofa seating is fixed against a ribbed dark-wood paneled wall, with two large circular, stained mirror highlights. The tables are a beautiful glossy, graphite-grey top, framed with a rounded brass-metal rim. The legs of the tables have a circular metal base with structured, black metal legs. The comfortable, bucket-style chairs are cushioned with Prussian-blue leather seats that add color to the rich palette of the space. Each of the 4-seater tables is illuminated with a hanging bell-jar light, in a subtle gold finish.

The Dining area continues into a Chocolate Bar, which is a play of brass-striped walls and black granite counters, with a rich wooden ceiling to set it apart. Small glass globes light up the bar seating subtly, drawing attention to the gorgeous coral, velvet-cushioned bar chairs.

The use of simple geometric patterns, arches, spheres and stripes used in different ways through the space, brings cohesion and adds a sense of luxury.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

The restaurant is equipped with a robust 900 sq.ft. kitchen area, with separate freezing units, prep, baking and service sections. For those who want to make the pilgrimage, to experience the tantalizing delights of fresh confectionery and the luxurious chocolates and décor, Zuci is in short, blissful and ‘pure’.

Project: Zuci: Chocolates and Boulangerie 

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Design House: F+S Design

Design Team: Faisal Vohra + Shamila Meeran, Jaleel, Huzefa

Styling Assistants: K Starr and Angie

Photography: Ricken Desai

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