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A 'Dandelion' Becomes a Unique Kindergarten for this Modern Educational Facility in China

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Sengo Kindergarten by DIKA Architectural Design Center

Sengo Kindergarten covers an area of 7,300 square meters with a building area of 5,580 square meters. It is a high-quality, high-investment, full-time bilingual private kindergarten under the Hejing Education Group.

It is also another building created by the Dika Kindergarten Design Center The landmark works of Pound City, based on the design concept of "dandelion", adopted the elements of "circle", aimed at the physical and mental development of preschool children, integrated modern educational facilities and ecological natural environment, and created a way for children to release their nature and seek Unique self-growth environment.

DIKA design proposed using reinforced concrete to support the main structure of Shengguo Kindergarten. A steel structure frame is used in conjunction with the latter to create more flexible curves across the building. As a result, children enter double corridors with inner and outer rings. The main facade, with its glass curtain wall, adds the finishing touch, allowing plenty of natural light and sunshine into the classrooms. In addition, the architects ensured that their proposal met the requirements for good ventilation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sun protection, and resilience against seasonal typhoons.

Project: Sengo Kindergarten

Location: Guangzhou, china

Design House: DIKA Architectural Design Center

Principal Designer: Wang Junbao


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