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Ahmedabad Gets a Vibrant Restaurant Tactfully Designed to Foster Interaction and Initiate Dialogue

Table Tales by Studio Saransh

Table Tales is a vibrant eatery concept centred around fostering effortless interaction and conversations among friends. The design addresses the challenges like designing in an elongated and narrow space .

The primary design challenge was to counteract the inherent linearity of the space while ensuring it could accommodate enough guests. To address this challenge, a curvilinear design approach was introduced. These elegant curves establish a dynamic rhythm breaking away from the linear form.

These pockets serve as anchor points offering a sense of rootedness for tables and seating arrangements. The interior of these pockets is adorned with vibrant splashes of colour with finishes in red, yellow and green creating a visual contrast against the predominantly white terrazzo surfaces.

A handcrafted sand dune mural adds tactile depth, while wooden knobs double as functional décor. The word game sparks dialogues, enhancing the convivial atmosphere.

Overall, Table Tales is a thoughtfully designed eatery that ingeniously blends design with comfort and prioritizes the art of conversation among friends.

Project: Table Tales

Location: Ahmedabad

Design House: Studio Saransh

Principal Designer: Purvi Tank

Photography: AVD


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