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Pantone Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, Becomes the Highlight of this Restaurant in Mumbai

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Bombay 49 by Shreya Shah Design

The new Bombay 49 restaurant in Bombay is a visual treat with the décor embodying a sustainable message.

The site for this project consisted of a 20 year old restaurant. A confined brief led the team at Shreya Shah Design to reconstruct the restaurant on the principles of reuse, recycle and reduce, accentuated by the backdrop to the Pantone color of the year 2019, Living Coral. This was chosen due to its message to save the environment.

Picture Courtesy: Shreya Shah Design

While explaining the motivation behind the choice of color theme, the lead designer Shreya Shah explained "Bombay49 was constructed over a 20 year old restaurant and was more sort of a restoration project. Living Coral was the color of the year 2019 in which this project was built. Bombay 49 also serves Vegetarian food alongside liquor while being situated around the beaches of Mumbai in Juhu. Hence, we got inspired with The pantone message of saving the coral environment which is a serious concern and hence the ideation of incorporating the theme in the most vibrant way possible."

The site demanded a lot of renovation and construction despite of such a large outdoor space without any ceiling. Furthermore, the designers reused 80 odd wrought iron chairs with minor touch-ups with almost 40% of the existing furniture being modified on site.

Picture Courtesy: Shreya Shah Design

Reflecting the breezy, sea side life in Juhu, the restaurant also features a kaleidoscopic graffiti wall art as its centre of attraction. Each space has a dedicated bar area. The bar apron in the outdoor area is cladded with stone tile which resembles the sea bed .

Picture Courtesy: Shreya Shah Design

"B49 is a vibrant place with a lot of moods in respective areas - lounge, banquet and outdoor area. This attracts consumers of a wide age group. This spacious restaurant welcomes a huge capacity at once while still letting the consumers have their personalized experience. Also being situated in Juhu, it certainly makes an attraction for people to step by." Shreya Shah added. The light fixtures are of cane and metal which resembles the basket and fishing net The outdoor area had been sparkled with various colors of the sea bed through cushioning and furniture. However, the color palette becomes monochromatic in the lounge and banquet area keeping it cozy.

Picture Courtesy: Shreya Shah Design

The furniture is cushioned in leather with chesterfield pattern having metal wire legs keeping it minimal yet opulent. The light fixtures are glass bowls bunched together like bubbles giving it a very reflecting look. Cement sheet is cladded with metal detail leaving the space with a contemporary touch.

Project: Bombay 49

Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Design House: Shreya Shah Design

Photography: Karan Malhotra


Know more about Shreya Shah Designs:

Shreya Shah Design is a design firm founded by Shreya Shah in the year 2017. From a very young age, she was more driven towards the design culture due to its dynamics and infinite possibilities in creation.

The fascination towards neatly designed spaces along with the dream of having an idealistic home imbibed more curiosity in visualizing spaces which channeled her career. Her inspiration was also driven by the legacy and ethos of the firm Dimention; which is a 20 year old brand by Teerath Jain, her uncle.

She pursued her Diploma in Interior Design from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai and Advanced Diploma and Bachelors in Design from Raffles Design International, Mumbai. Further, after having gained experience at Minnie Bhatt Design and firm Dimention, she introduced her independent design practice.

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