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This Sundowner Bar in Daman is Crafted with an Emphasis on Cultural Influence and Sustainability

Daman Culture by D’arc Studio

Nestled amidst lush tropical surroundings, Daman Culture, a sundowner bar transcends traditional design boundaries to create a harmonious blend of cultural influences and eco-conscious architecture.

This visionary establishment seamlessly fuses Ferro cement, bamboo and reclaimed wood embracing the natural world with the incorporation of flowers and whimsical mushroom installations which symbolises a profound commitment to environmental sustainability.

The terrace at Daman Culture transports patrons into a realm of intimacy and serenity that draws inspiration from bird nests to craft intimate seating pods.

Deconstructive bamboo and vibrant floral umbrellas offer shaded sanctuaries, inviting guests to unwind while basking in the beauty of their surroundings.

Architectural ingenuity is on full display as ducts are cleverly concealed within planters, merging practicality with aesthetics. The ground floor dazzles with a ceiling that evokes the sensation of hanging bird nests, encapsulating a versatile bar space that caters to the diverse needs of its visitors.

The essence of native heritage is honoured right from the moment one enters Daman Culture with an inviting entrance sculpture that pays tribute to the cultural roots of the region. It is here within the confines of this eco-conscious oasis that Daman Culture emerges as a beacon of interconnectedness where sustainable design and cultural celebration unite, offering a sanctuary that embraces the full spectrum of life's rich tapestry.

Project: Daman Culture

Location: Daman and Diu

Design House: D’arc Studio

Principal Designer: Aakruti Johari

Photography: Harsh Surti




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