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This Standout Industrial Restaurant ‘Jus-Gril’ is designed with a Middle Eastern Flair in Kerala

Jus Gril Resto-Café by Is Design Spot

JusGril is a middle eastern cuisine in Malappuram with a striking design and relaxed atmosphere.

The design process of Jus-Gril was focused on creating a standout structure that blends well with the surrounding residential neighbourhood. The primary external element used in this design is asbestos-cement sheets, primarily placed on the ceiling. Green and Reds are used to keep the modest nature of the restaurant.

The main entrance of the restaurant has a round metal-shelled name board with a tastefully planted façade and existing road barriers. The interior features checkerboard patterns on the walls and a bright red ceiling to distract from the open, messy character of the kitchen. The main dining area is balanced with red-tinted furniture elements, while the existing structure features a slanted beam for stair support and triangular windows for the main seating area.

The restaurant's atmosphere is enhanced with a "sheesha" corner and a gaming area on the second floor. A full-stretch outdoor stair connects the three floors, creating an aesthetically pleasing and liveable space. The first floor is a transparent space with low ceilings, featuring black and white Moroccan tiles and bright red furniture with faded wood patterns.

Having a seating capacity of 80 people the restaurant is properly zoned along with sufficient space for car parking for the convenience of visitors. The MS fabrication of the whole structure follows the client's requirement of a dismantled and completely reused structure.

Custom-made furniture and light fixtures, along with a unique restaurant logo, provide a grilled Middle Eastern food and beverage experience. JusGril is an excellent spot for celebrating special days or a quick hangout session with friends while providing a relaxing experience after a tiring day at work.

Project: Jus Gril" Resto-Café

Location: Ponmundam, Malappuram, Kerala

Design House: Is Design Spot

Principal Architect: Ar. Selva Sidiq. N



About the firm: IS Design Spot

Founder, Ar. Selva Sidiq.n

Ar. Selva shares her insights on the project 'Jus Gril" Resto-Café' stating "Steel, The Most Sustainable Choice. It is the main inspiration behind this restaurant. Steel structures are very light compared to other structures. Steel's capacity to be reused and recycled into new steel items is one of its primary and unrivalled sustainability benefits. Steel is easily the most recycled material globally.

The main inspiration for selecting the colour palette is the dry and dull environment of the site, and it is a less popular isolated area , so bright red colour stands out in the restaurant and green blends the structure to the nature.

The main challenge was addressed by Selva, in the entry area by optimizing the color palette and facade profile, effectively resolving 60% of traffic-related issues.

Find out more about there firm here.

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