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CHHAT Develops Multi-Purpose Isolation Cells Ready-to-Deploy Under Two Minutes

Gujarat: Centre for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology - CHHAT has developed multi-purpose deploy-able structures that not only serve as isolation cells for COVID-19 affected patients but also shade the front-line workers such as the police force, stranded people and displaced migrant labour.

While the design is open-source and not for profit, Volunteers at CHHAT are also building these cells with the help of local labour in Anand.

In the past, CHHAT has demonstrated expertise in designing and executing emergent structures that can provide refuge to a wide spectrum of people, especially the underrepresented. In 2016, they were awarded the Buckminster Fuller Challenge which is the highest prize for socially responsible design.

Their core school of thought is to devise an envelope for isolation and emergency facilities which is easy to build and deploy, also keeping in mind the economics of manufacturing. The Quarantine cell developed with bamboo and the high-density fabric is a ready-to-go, portable, prefabricated module with standardized components assembled in a factory setup, which can be deployed on-site under a time-frame of 2 minutes. The design of the cell is such that it can be replicated easily to form a cluster and can be placed in both indoor as well as shaded outdoor conditions. The isolation cells can also be used for mobile testing centers, health camps setups and for police outposts. Once it serves its primary function, CHHAT envisions to donate these deploy-able spaces to house the homeless/footpath dwellers in the coming monsoon.

The CHHAT Team has been extending their support by installing over 100 units Of Cells around Anand District of Gujarat that serve as Temporary Police Outposts, testing centers and holding areas for strangled migrants. With the capacity to build 200+ cells each week, their team plans to help thousands by deploying the Cell with the help of CHHAT volunteers already placed at various locations across India.

With this approach of alternative technology towards emergency shelter needs which are instantaneous, flexible, sustainable and constantly evolving with the situation and time, the CHHAT Foundation stands forth to support humanity during the times of Pandemic, Disasters and Emergency needs. To contribute to their cause connect with them at

Design Specifications :

Size: 7 x 7 x 7 Ft.

Materials: Bamboo Frame and High-density Polypropylene fabric

System Type: Deploy-able structure.

Building Capacity: 200 Cells each week

Time to assemble: 25 minutes

Time to deploy: <2 minutes

Project Info :

Architects: Centre for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology - CHHAT FOUNDATION

Project Title: Multipurpose Quarantine Cells for SARS COV-2

Year: 2020

Implemented in: Anand District, Gujarat, India.

Founder: Prof.Nirav Hirpara, Director-Vadodara Design Academy.

Co-Founder : Ar.Sapan Hirpara

Core Team Members: Ar. Anoli Shah (Hyderabad), Ar. Arihant Bajaj (Indore), Ar. Chetak Mistry (Mehsana), Ar. Durjoy Biswas (Kolkata), Dwij Hirpara (Anand), Ar. Gazelle Modi (Ahmedabad), Ar. Gunjan Modi (Surat), Ar. Himalay Goraniya (Porbandar), Ar.Karan Divecha (Vadodara) and Sakshi Pawar (Goa).

Local Collaborators: Rotary Club of Anand Round Town

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