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Carefully Crafted Pictures that are Exaggerated, Crumpled and Reinforced by Fiber

Conditional Image by Awdhesh Tamrakar

Carefully crafted pictures that are exaggerated, crumpled and reinforced by fiber whilst making them strong as concrete but also lyrical like a bygone memory at the same time.

Awdhesh's practice reflects upon the processes of loss, forgetting, erasing and makes an effort to look into various kinds of information related to poetics of space. His process of work starts with numerous cynical observation from the mundane surrounding. he tries to learn yet unlearn at the same time, the interrelationship of form, object and space through his interventions.

Through these intrusions, his attempts to navigate and unfurl its history and memory thereby question its current state of being. Having been trained as a sculptor, understanding of materials beyond its traditional periphery has always intrigued him.

He is using photographs as a medium for sculpture. This fuses the literal or symbolic component of the photographic image with a specific form. Materials are also incorporated as content and at the same time are used as a way of conceiving actual space. The sculptural ideas involved insist on volumetric properties that intellectually and physically correlate form, space, and light; the pictorial space is made to work in combination with an environment that is three-dimensional.

In his work series, Conditional Image is a peculiar example wherein the process is evolved as the final work, thereby investigating and negating the purpose of the photography at the same time. Through its age-old functionality of recording to the most contemporary selfie culture, it narrates none. The carefully made pictures have been exaggerated, crumpled and reinforced by fiber whilst making it visually strong as concrete but lyrical as a bygone memory at the same time.

About the Artist: Awdhesh Tamrakar

Awdhesh Tamrakar was born and brought up in Shahgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India. He completed M.V.A. in 2015 and B.V.A. in 2013 from the Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University Baroda. He received Gold Medal from the Department of Sculpture Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda in 2015, and Chinmoy Pramanik Memorial Award for best display in sculpture in 2015. Alongside, he also received Sponsorship Award for his solo exhibition by SCZCC Nagpurin 2015 and Emerging Master Award by Sarjan art gallery, Baroda in 2014. Presently he is serving as a Guest faculty at Department of Fine Arts, S. N. School of Arts and communication, Hyderabad central university, Hyderabad.

Tamrakar has been a part of various art exhibitions including his solo show Unfastened Association at the Faculty of Fine arts, Baroda in 2016 and group shows Madhyama curated by Akhilesh esh and sponsored by Raza Foundation, Delhi, Id-entity curated by Zero Gravity Collective, New Delhi, Statuettes & Trinkets, Hub 8, Faculty of fine arts, M.S.U. Baroda and Vibrant Gujarat national exhibition at Kanoria centre for art, Ahmedabad. He has also participated in residencies, workshops and camps such as Displaced places, Utsha Foundation, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 2018, Art and Science Dialogue, a collaboration project between TIFR Hyderabad and Department of Fine Arts, S. N. School of Arts and Communication, Hyderabad central university. Sprit of Baroda-metal sculpture camp, VMC Baroda, Gujarat, National Stone Carving Camp, SCZCC and WCZ, Shilpgram, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

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