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Espravo Drops E-store with Exclusive Art Prints and Frames

Kochi-based Art Collective Espravo launches an e-store with an eclectic mix of art prints and frames that can be customized for your living spaces.

With an aim to democratise the wall art space by giving consumers a platform where they can customise art to complement the aesthetics of their living spaces, Espravo, the coveted art gallery of Kochi, has launched its e-store that offers a myriad of meticulously curated artworks from artists across the globe.

The journey of Espravo, an art collective, began in 2017 as an experiential art gallery. Its design ethos is reflected by the intriguing and thought-provoking logo that imitates prehistoric stone figures, transforming them into a sculptural beauty. Their vision to reach out to a wider pan-Asian audience through the digital realm is anchored in the principle of taking visual art out of the white cube spaces of galleries and bringing it inside homes in the form of affordable luxury.

Their mantra is that art is for everyone and with a wide range of price points, banishing blank walls has become more accessible than ever. With the strong belief that art has the power to transform the atmosphere of a room by bringing new energy, focus, colour, shape and style, Espravo has a beautifully curated selection of art that will totally meet all aesthetic needs and pockets.

Their catalogue is a handpicked collection across a number of genres, Abstracts, Florals, Figurative, Fluid, Minimal, Typography, to name a few. Finding an art print, or frame that speaks to you with a few clicks should be the motivator to bringing it into your home. Besides high-quality art prints, durable materials and great customer satisfaction they have a roster of talented artists who push the boundaries of their medium.

Espravo's diverse art selection addresses different sensibilities and tastes. Their unique online Frame Builder is a friendly tool that will help you visualise your framed art. In addition, the site also enables users to quickly browse through artworks, and place orders and has a robust ecosystem that ensures timely delivery.

“This website is like our flagship store to the world. Our speciality is a curated well filtered art collection, exquisitely-crafted frames, and designer prints for all moods, where all offerings are completely customisable. Our products are made in premium-quality materials, meticulously crafted. Now adapting to the Web 3.0 landscape, we are on a mission to make true online custom art and framing accessible and enjoyable to all”, says Jacob John, Business Manager, Espravo.

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