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Leaf-Like Fins Become the Star-Attraction of this Exhibition Pavilion

Formforge Pavilion

An exhibition pavilion by Formforge which started with the idea of maximum volume utilization in a very limited available space.

The parametric shell is defined by its volumetric boundaries which maintains a visual continuity within. Starting from a simple cubical mass, the form is carved through step by step iterations, the result is a tubular shell that is further elaborated by a series of 90 ribbed wooden structural members connected by 150 unique steel components.

Picture Courtesy: Formforge

The cost efficiency is achieved by optimizing the joinery to minimize the material wastage. The entire 8m x3m x 3m structure is fabricated with just 60 of birch plywood board, designed and fabricated in a way that it can be assembled multiple times, in quick succession.

Picture Courtesy: Formforge

The final layer comes in the form of 900 leaf like fins that clips to the wooden slices suggesting a control over the visual transparency. With a bit of precision and a wholesome spirit of curiosity this pavilion redefines the digital design context, a transient enclosure experimenting with material, structure & concepts.

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