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Inspired by the Nordic Aesthetics, SPIN Is All Set to Launch Its Outdoor Furniture Range

NEW DELHI, November'21: SPIN inspired by timeless Nordic aesthetic is an edgy furniture and lifestyle product initiative that is all set to launch its outdoor furniture range at the ongoing SPIN Designedit at Dhanmills, Chattarpur, New Delhi.

The outdoor collection evokes a pleasant look designed to be used in a rugged outdoor environment. Lightweight & easy to handle, the collection can be immersed in gardens, restaurants and home balconies. SPIN Designedit is a coming together of evolved ideas of design, art, installations and dialogues. It is a carefully curated though a busy cauldron of creativity, purposeful brands and art combined with conversations,

The outdoor furniture range consists of five products, Bistro Chair, Bistro Outdoor Bench, Greenhouse Trolley, Infinity Trolley & Fliss Planters.

Bistro Chair - ‘Bistro’ chair is the first launch in the outdoor furniture series. Crafted in powder coated aluminium, it is designed to represent visual simplicity and still evoke a sense of exterior toughness.

Bistro Outdoor Bench - A visually simple product, the ‘Bistro outdoor bench’ evokes a pleasant look designed to be used in a rugged outdoor environment. It is a combination of bent aluminium tubes and tough GI metal sheet an. This bench comes coated with a special weatherproof powder coat with lifetime guarantee against rusting. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle yet tough to be used outdoors.

Greenhouse Trolley - The Greenhouse Garden trolley is an edgy, contemporary home accessory with a high utility quotient. The three shelves can host anything from tableware to barware to any object(s) of your interest. It is that perfect side accessory to have on your deck or terrace when you are hosting that big family summer lunch or that garden/ patio/ deck party for friends. The wheels make it easy to transport from one place to another per party-to-party layout.

Infinity Trolley - Undoubtedly, the Infinity trolley is one of the best evolved products from the Infinity range. Its design DNA continues to be a fully modular flat pack design assembled with Allen key screws. It is a beautiful piece that can be used in multifarious ways in everyday life. So, you could use it as a Mini bar on wheels for an impromptu party in your terrace or as a food trolley on go later or as a storage in your Study.

Fliss Planters - Fliss desk planters make stylish Green-ing up of your shelves or desktops a fun and easy thing to do. Serving the dual function of being planters as well as organizers, they also are an excellent rendition of Spin’s design principle of making functional and friendly products.

SPIN products were given birth by marrying homogeneity of metals with the organic goodness of wood. With its products being manufactured in India, SPIN has always been at advantage to attain a natural positioning in offering consistency in quality, adhere to production timelines, deliver on time and provide prompt after sales services to its customers.

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