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Le Havre (France) Gets a New Multi-Functional Sports Facility, the Simone Veile Cluster

K ARCHITECTURES has delivered a new multi-functional socio-cultural and sports facility, the Simone Veil cluster, in the Danton district of Le Havre (FRANCE).

The city of Le Havre immerses us in a moving atmosphere full of powerful stories and spray. The new cultural, associative and sporting facilities are being established as one of the centerpieces of the Danton district, which is in the process of being upgraded.

It responds to the policy of the city of Le Havre and more closely to the expectations of the inhabitants who were consulted to compose its programme.

Project: Pôle Simone Veil

Location: Le Havre, France

Design House: K Architectures

Photography: Sophie Oddo


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