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Artist Kushal Tikle Depicts a Post-Apocalyptic Mumbai

Updated: May 16, 2020

Mumbai 2098 by Kushal Tikle

Set in a post-apocalyptic Mumbai, these images imagine the city of dreams and its fate in ruins, devoid of hope and sun.

Picture courtesy: Kushal Tikle

Title: 'Cruising Through The Dense Suburban Air Of Mumbai'

"Mumbai city has an energy so intense that one gets immediately sucked into, and while doing this sketch i was looking to design and compose an architecture /a zone to achieve that same feeling for my concept. My inspirations were of course the 'Dharavi Slums' in Mumbai. I imagined these vertical slums and built-forms to depict the scale and the volume of Mumbai in 2098."

Picture courtesy: Kushal Tikle

Title: 'Industrial Wastelands'

"In this sketch, I wanted to show the lowlife in Mumbai as opposed to the crashes and advancement of the corporation that's governing it. I looked for inspiration from the actual slums, the 'Dhobi Ghats' of Mumbai, train wreckage, garbage dumps, etc. I enjoyed this piece, gave me much freedom to think and go crazy. "

Picture courtesy: Kushal Tikle

Title : 'Hideout Cave'

"I thank Nivanh Chantara for this image. I had referred to his paintings he made for his personal projects. I wanted to achieve a similar style and feel to the sketch. The image basically describes the vertical slums I imagined, since there will be no more land, people would stack up like a pile of trash and live in this world governed by the unjust Corporates.

Picture courtesy: Kushal Tikle

Title: 'BAAP Ship'

"This vehicle I designed for the three orphan protagonists in the story. Its named 'Baap', a Hindi word which means 'father', also used in the daily slang in India. The word suited the design and its energy as it is the orphans' home ship and their battle and rescue ship. It is made out of junk materials from the slums, for example, asbestos sheets, wooden boards, metal scrap, pulleys, satellite towers, car parts, etc."

About the Artist:

Currently based in Singapore and working for the famous Ubisoft, Kushal has lived most of his life in Ahmedabad where he was always surrounded by its rich culture, beautiful food and festivals. It was this exposure of diversity in cultures, languages and people that still inspires his design thinking and also makes him observant towards various disciplines and behavior.

He completed his interior architecture from CEPT University where his experiences made him aware of the materials and their language, design elements, scale, light, function, form, etc.

Artist: Kushal Tikle

Location: Singapore

Category: Concept Art, Visual Art

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