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Finding Balance Between Contemporary Relevance & Spirituality

Updated: May 16, 2020

Must Know In Design: Studio Smitamoksh

An art and design studio that strikes a harmonious balance between contemporary relevance and spirituality.

They believe in the philosophy of being one with nature whilst keeping up with the ever-evolving trends and technological advancements. As a result, anyone observing their art can form an instantly deep connection with their work.

Picture courtesy: Studio Smitamoksh

“We have explored repetition in many ways. sit back, and look at the art in totality. Get submerged in the story and mood of the visual. Each color and each motif holds meaning and importance in creating its ambience. It invites you to become a part of the narrative, and once you are there, move your gaze onto each character of the memoir. talk, interact and resonate with the expression!

You will hear the forests singing, the fish humming, the lotuses blooming, stars twinkling and the cows dancing. Each motif is adorned and embellished with joy and intricacy that brings forth a feeling of celebration. Lose yourself and get swept away by the art, on a spiritual journey, one with yourself, into yourself." - Studio Smitamoksh to TDC

Picture courtesy: Studio Smitamoksh

Title: 'Banana - In the Now'

Size: 40"x56"

"what is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare."

                                   - William Wordsworth

Transcendental, intimate connection, a seeping lush fantasy, creating deep calm and relaxation. a place of tranquility, a mystery and thrill mixed with the beauty of being present in the now and helping to encounter a profound sense of being.

Hand painted and hand crafted, unique, solar seasoned teak wood pieces carefully assembled and overlaid with precision on a backdrop of suede velvets.

Picture courtesy: Studio Smitamoksh

Title: 'Chandra Chandra'

Size: 48" x 48" 

'Chandravanshi ke chandra

the moon of all the moons'

The sum of all the parts, omni-present, infinite, eternal and transcendent. the unmanifest, manifests itself, the divine cosmos, the light in the darkness revealing itself for the audience. Hand embroidered with cotton and silk threads on recycled hand painted teakwood.

Picture courtesy: Studio Smitamoksh

Title: 'Meghraas'

Size: 31.5" x 31.5"

Subtlety in its highest form, aakash, stealing a moment with the ultimate, revealing love and devotion, swirling in allure.

Hand dyed and intricately hand embroidered backdrop of solar seasoned teak wood. Hand carved relief work treated with organic finishes.

"The ability of the brain to ignore extraneous visual information is critical to how we work and function. more often than not with all the distractions around, we need visual aids to train our brain to cancel out the noise, allowing us time for self reflection and introspection. 'Japa' (repetition) is one such practice. It helps us overcome spiritual darkness by harnessing our body and mind’s subtle energies and aligning them. this happens by constant recollection which resonates with the divinity inside. It is the divine elixir to attain peace and bliss. a recurring and dominant theme through our art." - Studio Smitamoksh to TDC

Design House: Studio Smita Moksh

Photography: Ravi Mistry

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