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Parle’s Chennai Office Uses Swiveling Wooden Biscuit Sets as a Representation of their Identity

Parle Office by Fourspaces

Parle, a renowned Indian food brand recently unveiled its new office space in Chennai, designed with careful consideration of the brand's identity.

The architects took cues from the simple but efficient design of Parle products to develop an overarching palette of white, beige, and brown, which were incorporated through natural wood elements, light-coloured furniture pieces, burlap-textured cabinets, and pristine white walls.

The reception back wall was a standout feature, fabricated on-site with 192 individual wooden biscuits that could swivel around their axis. The backlighting, contrasting grey walls and flooring balanced the bulkness of the installation, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Further into the office space is the central hub, featuring a minimal white tone that opens up into every other room. The large glass-walled cabins surrounding the hub add depth and interest to the design. The feature wall with wave-like design serves as the frame for visual graphics representing the brand's remarkable history.

The amalgamation of natural wood elements, light-coloured furniture and textured cabinets created a lively atmosphere, while white walls and minimalist design adds depth and interest to the design.

Project: Parle Office

Location: Chennai

Design House: Fourspaces

Principal Architect: Ar.Nareshkumar

Photography: Triple o PIXEL


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